Who Wore Splendid Better - Ruby, Suri or Violet?

note: yep, the girls are wearing different styles, but the print is the same, so imho its worth comparing :)

Violet Affleck wore the Pink/Navy Rugby dress by Splendid with matching pink leggings and Navy Canvas shoes by Superga, while shopping for groceries with her mom in Brentwood,CA on July 6th 2008.

Suri wore her Rugby dress sans matching leggings and paired with Gold Shoes from Bonpoint, while visiting American Girl store in LA on July 19th 2008; although we first got a glimpse on this dress while Suri was bundled uo in a blanket on May 3rd 2008. So, technically Suri was the first one to wear this dress! :)

Ruby once again opted for the Tank version of this oh-so-popular Rugby Dress, which she paired with her favorite Classic Crocs in Navy, while shopping with her parents at Fred Segal on July 6th 2008.

Ruby Maguire is my new "addiction" - voting for her!, tank dresses are my weakness and they simply fit better, rather than those loose tunic styles, both for girls & women. 
Suri's shoes are out of this league and just dont go with comfy & play-wear look of this Splendid dress. 
Viloet's safe choice with the leggings is cute, but too much pink imho.

Who Wore Splendid Butterfly Print Better - Ruby, Suri or Zahara?

note: yep, the girls are wearing different styles, but the print is the same, so imho its worth comparing :)

Zahara choose the top to show off this pretty Butterfly Print on April 1st 2008, paired with cargo pants and Checked Slip-ons by Vans Kids.

Ruby Maguire wore the tank version of the Butterfly Print in Seashell by Spledid on April 12th 2008, accessorized with her trusty Raeden Sandals by See Kai Run.

Suri wore the tunic version of this Butterfly Print on April 10th 2010, accessorized with Bunny Slippers and Bunny Ears Headband.

These outfits are exactly 2 Years apart... :)

Reason to vote for Ruby - she is my new "addiction", due to her fresh-out-of-the-store style :)

Why on earth did Suri need to wait 2 years to wear this adorable Butterfly Print?
and i am not a fan of Suri's Easter themed accessories.. might be cute for a party, but definitely not cute for a shopping trip.

found this unseen for me picture with no info :)

What do you think - is this Suri?  leave a comment, pls 

My collection is almost finished!!!

Im still doing linings and inside trims...

heres a peek from the photoshoot!

Happy Birthday, Suri!

Thanks to Kat from PopSugar TV for sending me this adorable video!
Enjoy :)

How Suri Cruise Celebrated Her 4th Birthday  

Suri Cruise had a sweet 4th birthday! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter celebrated her big day on Saturday with a cupcake party at her Beverly Hills home. Her actual birthday was Sunday.  
They ordered more than four dozen unfrosted cupcakes from Sprinkles -- plus vanilla and milk chocolate frosting so the tot could decorate them.  
Suri loves sweet treats. In March, she ditched a dance class to go on a chocolate run with her mom.  
Last year, Suri turned three with a trampoline party in Beverly Hills.
reported by UsMagazine
Thanks to Jolla, you can check out this article from OK! Magazine about Suri's Shopping Spree.
April 2010

Suri is all smiles and sooo cute in a pink dress! as she their NYC apartment with her nanny on Monday, 12.

Suri is wearing Cozy Cotton Tunic Dress in Coral by Crewcuts, and her new favorite Blue patent shoes (most likely from Bonpoint).

Suri is also carrying her plush friend - Elephant from Webkinz Jr. toys range by GANZ, first seen on April 9th 2010.

love her hair & her smile! PERFECT! :)


Suri went to visit Katie on the set of "Son of No One" in Queens, NY.

April 2010

Suri takes her nanny to see "Wicked" on Broadway on Monday, 12.

Who told to Miss S. that its OK to wear pj's to the theater?...

Thanks to Jolla for the pictures! :)
April 2010

Suri & Katie were spotted leaving their NYC apartment on Sunday, 11.

Suri is wearing Vintage Dove Dress by Holmes & Yong (available at Maxfield), which she first wore on November 30th 2007

and Barbara Patent Sandals by Maloles Petit, first worn on October 4th 2009.

Suri accessorized her outfit with Fleurs Framboise Headband by Bonpoint.

if you look at the close up, Suri is wearing her black cardigan is inside-out... :)
or at least pocket looks like that..


My new amazing friend An

I have never met anyone that has the exact same taste and habits as me

Shes helping me with my collection now and we go out on fridays

We are going to make so many items together over the summer
I hope you all are ready to add some new hats, printed bowties etc. to your wardrobes!!!

Here are our fun times at the vintage expo and a punk night with my sister

While Im working on my collection my work table looks like this
messy pretty colors

hand pictures