Marios Schwab film by Crane TV


I love this video of Marios Schwab!
I think they captured his personality very well!

Hahah you can see me at 1:36 ;)

You can also see his heavenly ss12 collection that I helped with here

September 2011
Suri and TK made a trip to the Milkshake Factory in Pittsburgh on Saturday, 24th.
The family was in town for the weekend to visit Tom while he films his latest movie, "One Shot."

"Katie ordered a vanilla salt caramel sundae for the group," a fellow customer at the Milkshake Factory tells Life & Style. "They also ordered three 20-ounce milk shakes, and Katie said they were going to share all three so they could taste the different kinds. Suri also got a plain vanilla cone!"
"They got a classic chocolate made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup," the customer adds. "They also got an Oreo shake and the flavor-of-the-week shake, which was apple pie. It has cinnamon-apple-pie pieces."

reported by Life&Style

outfit: its really hard to make out which dress Suri is wearing... looking for better pictures.

In Suri's Closet - A Line Footwear

Suri was first spotted wearing Gold Sandals (model 6/A0088) by A Line Footwear, while out on the beach with Katie on May 30th 2011.

Thanks a lot for the info to Amy Buckner from A Line Footwear for Kid Girls.
Suri's model is sold out online, for ordering contact
September 2011

Suri got her face painted!

Thanks again to Amy for even more pictures!!! :)
Suri's Style

one of Suri's favorite brands - Juicy Couture has just released their FW'11 shoes collection!
Shoes with heels are included as a party-wear for Little Fashionistas!

cant wait to see Suri wearing one of these adorable pairs.. :)
September 2011

Suri & TK spotted at Soergel Orchards Family Farm Market in Wexford Sunday, 25th.
Tom is in Pittsburgh to film a new action-thriller movie, "One Shot." According to the Pittsburgh Film Office, filming will take place in and around the city from early October through the end of the year.


more pictures THANKS to Amy!

outfit info: dance wear shoes.
Suri is wearing Silk Polka Dot Dress by Holmes&Yang, which she first wore on August 7th, 2008.

more info: 
on September 22nd, Katie and Suri were spotted at Ross Park mall in Pittsburgh. 
They stopped at the Cheesecake Factory.

Blitz London Vintage store










Blitz London Contacted me and other favorite bloggers
to go shopping and put together outfits 
with our favorite pieces 

There are so many goodies to choose from in that store!!!
I hope you enjoy the looks I came up with!

I then took pictures around the store with the outfit I came in hahah!

Disappearing for fashion week and Marios Schwab

Nicole Eymard-625
























I Have not adjusted to my new schedule yet.
Which was why I have vanished.

I am working for Marios Schwab
And just survived London fashion week!

I was able to enjoy fashion week on Sunday before Marios Schwab's show!  Oh my!  I fell so much in my tall shoes!  It was worth it because I was in The Evening Standard!
Who Wore Hello Kitty Rain boots Better - Suri or Tabitha?
the comparison is in place cause both girls have a rather PJamish feel to their outfits.. :)

Suri Cruise paired her HK Rain boots by Western Chief with a reversible Reversible Floral Tshirt Dress (no id), while out shopping in Toronto on August 22nd 2010.

Tabitha Broderick opted for a comfy look paring her HK Rain boots with Polka-dot Loungewear set from AW11 Collection by Bonpoint, while out with her family in NYC on September 9th 2011.

imho - both looks are ill-fitted for wearing outside.. but the boots are really cute!

LET's VOTE.. :)