AAA Doulton Tile

AAA Doulton Tile

AAA Doulton Tile

Here is another great Antique tile by Royal Doulton.It is a large 6" round tile. It is a transfer that has been hand colored.The quality is superb. Condition of tile is very good with only the slightest of flaws.A really ...

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mikael jansson

Photographer: Mikael Jansson
Models: Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart
Stylist: Karl Templer
Interview #June/July 2012
Title: Flip the Hollywood Script
Via: theenglishgroup

May 2012 - NYC

Suri spotted out & about in NYC on May 30th 2012.

outfit info: tshirt by gap, capri pants by splendid littles, shoes by nordstrom.

May 2012 - Connecticut

Suri had lots of fun while visiting Katie on the set of her new movie "The Seagull" filming in Kent, Connecticut on May 29th 2012.

Suri arrived wearing pink top, Skirt by Crewcuts and shoes by nordstrom..

..changed into Sparkle Print One-piece Swimsuit SS'12 by GAP for a swim in the river.. :)

..and enjoyed some sunshine while drying of on a dock!

May 2012 - Louisiana

S&K boarded their private jet en route to Connecticut after spending some time with Tom in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on May 28th 2012.

Suri is wearing Aqua Embroidered Racerback Dress SS'12 by GAP.

Delighted to see Suri in smth NEW & current!!! :)

May 2012 - Connecticut

Suri & Katie went for a walk in Kent, Connecticut on May 25th 2012.
Katie is currently in Connecticut to film her newest movie "The Seagull".

outfit info: dress by juicy couture, shoes by nordstrom.

May 2012 - NYC

Suri & Katie braved the rain, while shopping for toys at FAO Schwartz in NYC on May 21st 2012.

Suri was wearing Raincoat by Hatley, Heart & Check Rain boots by Burberry and some pink loungewear pants & top.

May 2012 - Louisiana

Suri pictured holding a cup of warm milk, while out & about in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on May 20th 2012.

Suri donned bright pink lipstick and manicure with cherries.. :)

outfit info: dress by target, shoes by nordstrom

Hair Advice

I am starting to grow my hair out and it's at a difficult in-between stage. Do you have an style ideas?

There's alot of tricks to help you get through that "transition stage". Keep reminding yourself that you want this, and in 6 months to a year you'll have the hairstyle you want!

The best way to manage your style and mix up your look is with cute and funky accessories. Headbands are all the rage at the moment. Pretty pins will also help keep that floppy fringe out of your eyes. Play around to find different ways to pin your hair up and make it look longer.

Even boys can adopt this look. A wide cloth headband worn to hold the hair out of your face.

Scarves are also a very cool way to tie your hair back, and a great style accessory.

Another option is to buy a cool hat and start wearing it all the time to hide your growing out hair. Make it your signature look for this season! Berets and pageboy hats are the favourite with celebrities including Ashley Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

Growing out bangs can be a massive pain, but a secret is to have your stylist angle them. Then as they grow you can brush them to the side as they get longer.

Some hair growing facts and tips:

  • Your hair only grows up to 6 inches a year!

  • The weather can affect your hair growth- Hair grows quicker in hotter months, and slower during winter.

  • Not everyone can grow a head of waist length hair! Fine, thin or severely damaged hair probably won't grow past a medium length very easily.

  • Poor diet and stress may sometimes be a cause of slow hair growth. The healthier you are, the better condition and appearance your hair will have.

If you're ready for the commitment of growing long hair, make sure you continue to have regular trims to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. It might seem like the quickest way to grow your hair is not to cut it at all, but that is not the case. Regular trims, every 8-10 weeks, will keep your hair looking good while you go through many stages of growing it out.

Also ask your hair stylist to cut your hair to aid the hair growth. For instance, if you're trying to grow out layers, the stylist can cut the back up shorter while waiting for the sides to catch up. If you're trying to grow out bangs, you might end up with a mullet look (longer at the back, shorter at the front), so the stylist can keep the back shorter while the front catches up.

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Vintage Leopard Belt


With age, my love of leopard is definitely growing. I just watched the original Lolita directed by Stanley Kubrick, and in it Shelly Winters sports a very sweet and chic skinny leopard belt (she wears it in almost every scene!). Made me want one for myself. If you want one (you know you do)

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Edwardian lady and ladybugs













Where: Alexandra park


Apron-esque top: Edwardian embroidered portrait of a lady with fabulous earrings singing to a bird with a frame and flowers everywhere.  The sides tie into bows with dotted pink embroidery!
 From one of my favorite stalls at Spitalfields market
Hat: Late 1930s from Blitz
Shirt bra: Old banana republic lingerie (when the designers at banana republic were inventive)
Shorts: Primark (they were JUST the right color, couldn't resist)
Shoes: Primark (I still have an unhealthy addiction to the shoes at Primark, these ones especially, they new had my size until one day.....)

Latest Short Bob Haircuts Fashion Style

Latest Short Bob Haircuts Fashion Style
Latest Short Bob Haircuts Fashion StyleLatest Short Bob Haircuts Fashion Style

Latest Short Bob Haircuts Fashion StyleLatest Short Bob Haircuts Fashion Style

Latest Short Bob Haircuts Fashion StyleLatest Short Bob Haircuts Fashion Style

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remi rebillard

Photographer: Remi Rebillard
Model: Dominique Clerc
MakeUp and Hair: Davide Calcinai
Title: My Dinner With Helmut Newton

For photographer Remi Rebillard creating this shoot was more than just a creative process; it was a reminiscence. It was inspired by, Remi says, a dinner he had with supermodel Karen Mulder and her then-boyfriend at the Brasserie Lipp in Paris, 1996. Sitting next to them was famous photographer Helmut Newton and his wife June. 
Newton was, in Remi’s account, “shooting pictures of anything around him while eating” – the ceiling, the people, the waiters, and Karen. 
Since those days photography has moved on to the point where everyone is some kind of photographer. Digital makes photography accessible and many would say the true charm is gone. Or at least, harder to find. 
Thinking back to those Newton days Remi created Emulsion, the title referencing manual film processing. The images themselves are cleverly overlaid with rippling water, or are photographs of photographs. In those effects do Remi’s reminiscences lie. 
 “I just miss the Polaroid and this period sometimes,” says Remi. (portfolio Remi)

Photographer: Remi Rebillard
Model Elizabeth Ferrara
Titled Sleepless
Hair artist Davide Calcinai
Stylist and designer: Kulli Kokamagi
Via: mymodernmet

Photographer: Remi Rebillard
Model: Alana

In Remi’s eye, Alana symbolizes the powerful beauty of nature, sensuality and the female body.
(portfolio Remi)