We Love Colors + Fashion Forestry = Versailles + Black Swan Giveaway

We Love Colors + Fashion Forestry = "Versailles"



We Love Colors + Fashion Forestry = "Black Swan"





Versailles+ Black Swan


I am so excited about this giveaway!
I chose two of my favorite colors of we love colors arm length gloves
Then sprinkled my favorite vintage sequins, plastic flowers, and flower studs!!!

Who ever I draw first as the winner, chooses the pair of gloves they prefer.

Personally I love both!!!!
 (When this is finished, I'm planning tp whip up both pairs for my self...hehe!) 

See them for yourself, and spread the word!!!!

Rules To Win:

Open to international adresses

1) Must be or become a follower of my blog and facebook.  Tell me how you are following!

2) Announce the giveaway on facebook, twitter, blog, tublr, email friends...anywhere you can...
3) Which pair of gloves do you like, why, and what will be the first thing you will wear it with?
4) Post a picture of your favorite tights/gloves
5) Post your most beloved accessory, one you cant live without

Entries are closed on Wed. March 9
Two winners will be announced  Fri. March 11


Best Outfit Of The Month - January 2011

since this is NEW, here are guidelines for you & for me :)
-pajamas only "looks" will not be included;
-6 days to vote;
-"Best Outfit" chosen by the Readers will be posted after the voting is complete, together with my personal favorite outfit and comments;
-if more than 4/5 outfits, voting will be divided in 2 or more parts.

 *sorry, to the first 5 voters, there was a glitch, but its fixed now - please submit your votes again.
February 2011
noticeably under-dressed Suri spotted in Vancouver picking up cupcakes with Katie on Sunday, 27.
S&K also walked across the street to get Suri's favorite hot drink from Starbucks.

Suri is wearing Hot Pink Puffer Jacket with Fur Trim by Blauer Kids, this jacket retailed for 465 USD.

Daily Mail reporter called it a "flimsy dress", well, in fact its a short pajama/loungewear dress..

Suri is also wearing Pink UGG Boots, which she first wore on December 17th 2010 and Pink Zebra Print Pajama Gown by Esme Loungewear, which she first wore on March 18th 2010.

Thanks to Melanie for the link!
February 2011

Suri & Katie were spotted out & about sunny LA on Satruday, 26.

Suri first wore this dress in 2008 for Halloween.. and technically its not Holmes&Yang, it was designed by Suri & Katie together, but just for Suri and not for the H&Y brand. Katie told the story of this dress in this interview.. :)
this dress was probably floor-length than and it fits nicely now :)

Suri is also wearing Preppy Stripe Cardigan by Juicy Couture, which she first wore on November 7th 2009.

note: looking for the shoes id.

12 of 12 we love colors Tomorrow's giveaway "1940s cropped and zipped "







We Love Colors + Fashionforestry


I will be doing a giveaway
With 2 chances to win!!!!!
The giveaway is a collaboration between We Love Colors and Fashion Forestry, 
Which means decorated elbow length gloves!!!

My outfit:

Sweater: 1940s ~ From: Idol Vintage
Trousers: 1970s ~ From: Thrift Town
Shoes: 1960s 101 Dalmations

Red Tights


11 of 12 we love colors "Plaid, 1 cat, and 2 ducks"










If you missed my shpeal about the 12 days of We Love Colors
Please read this post---> 12 days of We Love Colors explained

My outfit:

Suit Jacket: 1980 suit ~ From: Thrift Town
Dress: 1940s tucked purple wool with wooden duck buttons
Hat: 1940s looped purple crinoline Torso Vintage
Shoes: 1980s
Brooch: 1940s, stuffed leather cat brooch, white fur tail, embroidered face

Lilac TightsHunter Green Tights
        Gloves/Lilac              Tights/Hunter green

10 of 12 we love colors "cardinals, a race horse, and an ostrich"









If you missed my shpeal about the 12 days of We Love Colors
Please read this post---> 12 days of We Love Colors explained

My outfit:

Cape: 1960s  woven cardinal bird ~ From: clever nettle
Dress: Chinatown
Shoes: 1940s white ostrich
Hat: 1940 fur hat with a face...
Purse: 1950s wicker horse

Gloves/red           Tights/brown

Suri's nanny was carrying a 2K Dolce&Gabbana bag and i doubt it was hers... :)
after Salvatore Ferragamo bag, iam not surprised, that Suri owns another luxurious handbag!
Suri is one lucky girl! :)

Miss Sicily with Lace in White is a rare find, and not yet available online.
The Black version is available here.