Jewellery Designs Gallery

Jewellery Designs Gallery:

These gallery designs have been pulled together for Fun, Inspiration, and Ideas. They show a variety of designs using Beads, various Jewelry Findings, Jewelry Stringing materials, Wires, etc.
Jewellery Designs Gallery

Jewllery is personal ornament of people. It is quiet famous in woman generally wear in party & marriage. Or festival.

Jewellery Designs Gallery

Necklace Design photo

Diamond Necklace Design photo

Diamond Necklace Design

Diamond Jewellery Designs photo

Pakistani jewellery design

Earrings and bracelet design photo

Jewellery Designs Gallery

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Unique and Trendy Japanese Hairstyles

Anime hair styles influence a lot of popular Japanese hair styles. In anime, hair styles can range from normal to very unique, reflecting the characters' personalities. Let these unique and trendy Japanese hair styles say something exciting and fun about you.

Japanese Hair Style #1

Unique and Trendy Japanese Hairstyles

Japanese Hair Style #2

Unique and Trendy Japanese Hairstyles

Japanese Hair Style #3

Unique and Trendy Japanese Hairstyles

Unique and Trendy Japanese Hairstyles

Unique and Trendy Japanese Hairstyles

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signe vilstrup

El El El trabajo de Signe Visltrup lo sigo desde hace tiempo y no deja de sorprenderme. Su gran pasión por la belleza y la estética queda reflejada en cada una de sus fotografías. Su portfolio no te dejará indiferente.

I follow Signe Vilstrup's work since long time ago and still amazing me.  Her great passion for beauty and aesthetics is reflected in each of her photographs. Her portfolio will not make you indifferent.

Medium Scene Hairstyles with Bangs for Girls

Scene girls sporting scene hair with side bangs look more beautiful and hip as compared to emo girls, maybe, the scene girls know how to make their bangs and fringes more stylish and more colorful. Scene girls often try out different variations of bangs including short bangs with blunted ends and bobs with bangs, which makes it possible for them to look awesome and gorgeous. Scene hair with side bangs is more popular among scene girls and therefore, scene kids and scene boys with side bangs are less common on the streets.

Medium Scene Hairstyles with Bangs for Girls

Medium Scene Hairstyles with Bangs for Girls
Medium Scene Hairstyles with Bangs for Girls


Scene Hair with Side Bangs

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Brittany - scenegirl

scene girls
scene girl
Your hair looks so fluffy. Brittany

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Most Expensive Rolex Watch

A Diamond Bezels Rolex Watch is something to admire. The ring of diamonds around the face sits there like a ring of fire. The cut, the clarity and the size could make a lot of difference in the price. On an average, it could range between $1,000 and $5,000. However, diamonds could cost much more than that depending on their rarity. The reason people buy a Diamond Bezels Rolex Watch is for prestige. A Rolex watch is a sign that a person has arrived. However, buying one can be tricky unless you are buying a brand new one.

They have many watches on EBay for sale by auction or Buy it Now. What you need to see is if they are genuine. The bezel itself is what many scammers change and try to pass on the fake one to you. If you know about diamonds, or know someone that does then that will not happen.

Rolex is undoubtedly one of the famous watchmakers that we have today. Rolex has been creating timepieces for many years and all of their creations are considered luxurious just like this women’s Royal Oyster Perpetual Date Just.

This Rolex Oyster Perpetual date just is definitely a luxurious watch that they have made by using an 18 carat yellow gold material on the case, bezel, and bracelet. This is made more luxurious by adding on it some diamond embellishments that makes the bezel and bracelet sparkle and irresistible to look at.

This watch is also made of a mother of the pearl dial that also includes diamond embellishments found on the hour markers. This dial is accented with gold hands and Rolex’s logo on 12 o’clock. Aside from its time display, this watch also includes a date indicator magnified on 3 o’clock.

This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just is indeed a luxurious timepiece and as usual to Rolex watches, this timepiece will definitely come with a very expensive tag.

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New Emo Hairstyles and advace Trend

New Emo Hairstyles and advace Trend
New Emo Hairstyles and advace Trend
New Emo Hairstyles and advace Trend
New Emo Hairstyles and advace Trend
This has been and still is one of the most popular emo hairstyles for girls and boys in particular - I see many people with this kind of hairstyle at my bus stop and to be honest I like it! The looks are similar to the long bangs to the comb-over approach. However, on this style of emo hairstyles, the back of the hair exposes a long tail and is dragged to one side of the head in most cases. For example, if the bangs are naturally or combed to the right side, then the tail would be cut and left on the left side of the head/ face.

The comb over is also called 'scene hair' and a large range of popular bands use this type of emo hairstyle, such as Green Day and My Chemical Romance. The popularity has increased over the years and you men have been influenced by these bands to copy their style of haircut.

The emo hairstyles for girls may consist of a straight fringe above the eyes and reasonably long hair extenstions dyed usually black but other lighter colours such as white blonde are also accepted.
emo hairstyles for girls image

block fringe covering the eyes/just above the eyes OR tied to one side
if you decide to tie your hair to the side, pretty, colourful clips and hair grips must be used
By using lots of spray, spike/ lift your hair up in the back
Polka/camo headband with dots can be worn at all times when the fring is down
Add a couple colourful ribbons in your hair
For an added attraction, use black, blonde or coloured extensions depending on the dyed hair colour

The guy emo hairstyles consists of the same straight fringe slightly above the eyes (and in some cases covering them) and cut straight with layers just below the jaw line.

Hairspray should always be used to give volume and spike up the hair at the back
Straight block fringe either long or short to cover the eyes (as in the pic above)
Layered at the back and on the side of the face
Fringe always highlighted! - at the side fringe streaks of the opposite colour to the dyed hair
Bandana! (black/white/red coloured) worn - this is one of the most important characteristics

And that is how the short mullet (scene hair) emo hairstyles for girls and boys can be easily achieved. Be creative!

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Violin purse and celluloid crown












Photos take in: My living room and bedroom (in front of my 1960s vanity)

Photos taken by: Pierre Eymard

Outfit details:

Crown comb:  1920s-1930s (most likely 1920s)Art deco Celluloid wonder 
(I still cant believe I own it..its just one of those magical items!!!)
Jacket and dress: Topshop (One of the outfits you wait an eternity to come into the store)
Purse: Violin from a Chinese manufacturer on ebay