the best kind of mail is vogue mail


Okay, so this post is essentially going to be short but sweet, mainly for the fact that i've got a hot date with 2 litres of hot chocolate (possibly...), my Shakespeare essay, and a whole half-page of corrections for me to er.. correct! So I'm sorry, i've really failed on my couture fascination-posts as of late.

However, today when i was having my annual spring clean, i found something that may be of interest to you. It has been my biggest dream to become a fashion journalist since i was about 11, and the dream still hasn't vanished now that i'm an adolescent of 15 years. (I blame 13 going on 30 and an addiction to Vogue!)

So this time last year i sent a letter to Vogue asking for any advice regarding becoming a fashion journalist. Looking back, it was a lengthy letter (3 pages to be precise), and probably not the best written (i spelt interesting wrong at least 7 times), the advice back was in less words than i had envisaged as a 14-year-old, but it's from VOGUE. And that in itself makes it pretty special.


And i found it today, and was just as pleased to tear back the Conde Nast envelope and pour over the few words...

"Dear Miss Taylor,

Thankyou for your recent letter with regards to advice on a career in fashion.

Most of our staff have varied academic backgrounds and therefore it is difficult to advise you on the best career path to take. Some of our staff have done specific fashion courses; others have not, but have more general degrees, and many have worked their way up from a secretarial position. Being realistic, all our staff have degrees, whatever job they come to do: in journalism, in fashion, in art- or in more broadly based general degrees for support staff, etc.

I hope this information helps you- good luck!

Yours sincerely,


Personnel Manager



Never be afraid to ask!

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