Kylie Minogue poses in new ad with boyfriend Andres Velencoso

Kylie Minogue poses in new ad with boyfriend Andres VelencosoKylie Minogue

MAYBE she thought his career needed a boost or possibly she just enjoys showing him off, but Kylie Minogue has cast her Spanish lover Andres Velencoso in her latest marketing campaign.

Minogue, 41, and Velencoso, 31, appear together in steamy new ads for her latest cosmetic product, a male fragrance.

Showing there's plenty of chemistry between the two, Minogue is depicted in the ads standing between two men - both of them Velencoso.

Although Velencoso recently declared that marriage was not on the cards for the couple, he will enjoy a higher profile thanks to Minogue's marketing efforts should the relationship fail.

Not that we want to see that happen again to the unlucky-in- love middle-aged singer.

Perfume has been lucrative for Minogue. Inverse is her sixth release, although her first male fragrance. It follows Couture, Darling, Sweet Darling, Sexy Darling and Showtime.

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